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Given the impact of digital and technological innovations in sport, and its universal character, sport is often said to be a wonderful observation window, as a marker of changes in our society, and in cultures and nations from all over the world. On an individual level, sport can also speak of the evolution of our lifestyles, our behaviors and conducts. Sport also straddles frontiers between siloed worlds: health, entertainment, events, industry, trade, social inclusion, education, innovation, business and many more. Beyond sport industry and economy, the emotional dimension in sport can sometimes be passionate and a wonderful vehicle for togetherness and all forms of human dialogue.

As the ethnologist Marcel Mauss would have put it, sport is truly “a total social fact”, that is to say, a multidimensional phenomenon involving politics, ideology, economics, sociology and culture.

As such, sport is not only the “playground” of choice to observe and understand complex and multidimensional disruption patterns, but also a concrete and attractive experimental area to start creating tomorrow’s business models and frameworks. Naturally, sport is one of the components of emlyon business school DNA missions: allowing our students to be actors of this changing world, to experiment with economic and technological disruptions and innovations found in the wide universe of sports, and even more, to become “early makers”.

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