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Sport activities for personal development

Over 40 different sport activities are open today on our various campuses, or in a nearby, easily accessible via public transports area. No matter what the program, or the campus, all students may choose among this wide range of activities, with a view to enhance student well-being, and shape the right balance for them, between education and personal development.

At emlyon business school, our conviction is that sport helps acquire abilities for professional success. Team work, decision making, excelling oneself, rigorousness, perseverance, stress management are among the many resources and skills managers will want to transpose all throughout their professional career.

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emlyon business school, number 1 of the overall championship of French business schools in 2019.

In this light, emlyon’s competition teams performed superbly this year with two champion titles in women’s handball and women’s basketball cups, as well as other podium performances in soccer, rugby, volleyball etc. As a results, emlyon business school is number 1 of the overall championship of French business schools for the second time!

The overall championship, as initiated by Business Cool, is based on the results of the French Business School championship, the reference competition for all business schools in France.