Research gone international

Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry (CESI) en Chine

The CESI is a sport dedicated institute, involved in research, impact and state-of-the art education activities. Located in Shanghai, the CESI collaborates with all our campuses and has not only developed a specific double expertise in sport in Europe and Asia, but also acquired a certain understanding of experience, talent, performance, digital environment and globalization.

Led by Simon Chadwick – teacher at emlyon business school, ranked by the Huffington Post, amongst the top 30 most significant specialists worldwide in sport marketing, amongst the top 10 most influential businessmen on Twitter by The Independent, and described by The Times as being “the guru of sport management in Britain” – the CESI initiated research and academic cooperation agreements with Professors from the Beijing Sport University.

This year, the Beijing Sport University sponsored certain students in order for them to conduct their Master’s degree on our Shanghai campus. Additionally, on behalf of emlyon business school, they were allowed to enter emlyon’s MSc in Sport Industry Management.

On the whole, close to 200 directors in sport oriented businesses have already taken our continued education programs in China.

For the past twenty years, sport industry has developed into an ever more dynamic trade and a leading one in innovation. With new product outbreaks, sport entered a new era, training was transformed, supporters’ experience was enhanced, new sales models arose, and sport economies grew worldwide. At emlyon business school, we analyzed and addressed such changes by opening programs, by stimulating our research and partnering with sport businesses.

Simon Chadwick, Director and teacher at the Center for Eurasian Sport Industry.

AHLUWALIA-XEBS CEMS (Center of Excellence for Sport Management ) in India

Initiated in 2018, our partnership with the Xavier University and our presence on Indian ground are flourishing in a context where Indian private and public sectors both converge to set a major space for sport, especially in the state of Odisha. 

Initially triggered by Vishal Dev, the CESM’s most important support, and with the help of Vineel Krishna for the past two years, the Indian Government stressed the importance of creating and financing sport activities and events, with a view to promoting India’s image, tourism and economy.

As such, emlyon business school was granted a 650,000€ subsidy – a second one is pending – to design a program, to reinforce cooperation with Europe and to establish relationship with the Sport Research Center in China. Our certificate for High Performance Athletes was started as early as September 2019.

This political and financial ambition shall allow for new intercampus projects, and may be on a worldwide scale.