Pedagogy, competence development and employability

Programs dedicated to High Performance Athletes

Mickaël Romezy, Sport Makers’ Director, emlyon business school 

“We are convinced that HPA (High Performance Athletes) due to their high expertise and rigorousness, develop unique skills and knowledge all throughout their career. Yet, we couldn’t help but notice that there is a pronounced gap between company’s needs to recruit such high potential atypical profiles, and HPA actual employability. It was fundamental that we breached that gap. Our ambition at emlyon business school is to give HPA the right tools to express their full potential for business oriented purposes.

We have 4 specific programs – from Bachelor programs to professional retraining – all fully adapted to HPA obligations. If entry examinations and pedagogical contents are no different from all other participants, inside tracks are indeed adapted to accommodate this two-fold life project, sportively and academically, with one and only final goal in mind: employability.

About thirty HPA have joined our ranks: promising young athletes like Iliana Rupert or Maël Vittet, as well as confirmed champions pursuing professional reorientation like Sébastien Chabal and Frédéric Michalak.”

The HPA Global BBA, a 4 year Bachelor’s degree.

The Grande Ecole Program, a Master’s degree accessible via preparatory classes, or via an undergraduate degree.

The PGM on-line, a Master’s level degree, certified by the French Ministry of Labor (RNPC 7).

The Executive MBA, a Master’s level degree, certified by the French Ministry of Labor (RNPC 7).

A partners’ ecosystem

Sport inside: a recruiting scheme for High Performance Athletes

Sport inside is a financial aid program for companies who want to sponsor the education of HPA, allowing them to adjust working hours and sport obligations. Supported by a professional tutor all throughout their professional training, HPA are to gradually get ready for a new professional start, and in turn, sponsoring companies commit to hiring HPA once their sport career and education are over.

“As a rugby player, after 15 years, I felt the urge to reconsider my post-career future. I always regretted not being able to finish my education, as I had entered a training academy early on. The PGM online was exactly what I needed; it was perfectly tailored to my club obligations and my agenda.”

Loann Goujon

30 year old international French rugby player at Lyon’s LOU.

“I was attracted by the great variety of domains covered in the PGM online. I can’t wait to start my training! I’m eager to learn as much as possible in order to open up a whole range of new possibilities.”

Paoline Salagnac

35 year old international French female basketball player at Lyon’s ASVEL.

“Recruiting High Performance Athletes, is a sure way to rigorous work and value transmission such as team spirit. Assuredly, HPA are to generate a real dynamism and a very positive energy. I’m convinced that Paoline and Loann will be a driving force for our company.”

Rémy Police

Vice Director of Human Resources at the Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes bank.

Unprecedented collaboration with Tony Parker’s Adequat Academy (TPAA)

A unique partnership between emlyon business school and the TPAA is setting the new boundaries of a different and innovative education, adapted to our current and future economy reality. The objective is to allow students to align practice and the development of their professional career. As such, students at the Academy can rely on a partially on-line, flexible modular training from emlyon’s Global BBA. They may also access other courses at emlyon and more precisely, the career retraining and company creation tracks. In parallel, qualified emlyon students may contribute to the Academy’s development projects. Additionally, students at the TPAA benefit from emlyon’s executives and experts interventions.

“After playing basketball, I knew I wanted to work in fashion. So while training at the TPAA, I entered the Global BBA, and I know longer have to sacrifice sport over studies. For once, the schooling is adjusted to my passion, and I can secure my future without further ado.”

Yuna Rose-Lautrou

17 year old basketball player and a TPAA member.

“Our partnership with emlyon was born from the common desire to improve our youth’s future. For the TPAA which is only starting to grow, drawing from the experience and expertise of such a prestigious institution as emlyon business school, makes perfect sense. Our vision is to put our best efforts into promoting athlete profiles, and guide them along a life project aligned with their passion.”

Xavier Lucas

Deputy Chairman of the TPAA.