Innovation, technological disruptions & new businesses

The Pack: an acceleration platform in Sport Business at the center of societal issues.

Sport Tech acceleration program : an acceleration platform in Sport Business at the center of societal issues. With new emerging practices (in non-traditional structures now performance-driven free) and newly arrived technologies, the sport industry is dealing with new business models and issues. emlyon business school stands as a major actor in this revolution by setting up specialized support tracks, dedicated to reinforcing start-ups developing disruptive solutions.

In order to favor emerging innovating projects, emlyon business school is partnering with La Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes to support and promote the growth of start-up companies in the sport industry. The Sport Tech acceleration program offers them a boosting ecosystem, mentorship, expertise and infrastructures to sustain their development. 

Sport makers’ projects: where innovation and emlyon’s academic expertise come together

Action learning is one of emlyon business school’s pedagogical pillars, acting as a facilitator for turning knowledge into skills. Making tomorrow’s sport entrepreneurs and intrapeneurs by selecting, developing and evaluating innovative projects within their sport business ecosystem, such is the ambition of our sport makers’ projects.

Thus, all Grande Ecole students are strongly encouraged to address sport related entrepreneurial initiatives (objectives, team, necessary skills etc.) to achieve ECTS credits. After primary validation by a “coach”, students quickly move into action for a minimum period of 4 months. Sport makers’ projects may be related to an associative environment, to events, and to general management in sport businesses or professional clubs who want to address internal issues.

Esport: a successful alliance between digitalization, innovation and globalization

Esport has just achieved an incredible development during the last ten years: more players, more spectators, more competitions all over the world! Always in a disruptive mindset, emlyon business school has been observing this phenomenon and is the first business school to announce that esport is now a real academic lecture. As an early maker, an esport athlete breaks the rules, innovates transforms activities so far mostly linked to physical capacities in cognitive and strategic performances. Thanks to digital tools, he can now play against adversaries in every corner of the globe.

In order to learn from this connected community, emlyon business school is associated with Gaming Campus, the first campus in Europe that prepares students to all video game industry professions. Gaming Campus provides emlyon participants an access to their training and evaluation online platform in order to measure their results and identify the best players to lead them to high level competitions. This partnership is also an opportunity for esport athletes to prepare their professional reorientation thanks to programs like the Global Business Bachelor of Administration.