An MSc in for a successful career in sport industry

Antoine Haincourt, Program Manager, MSc in Sports Industry Management at emlyon business school.

“Sport is everywhere, in every nation of the world, and everywhere too, sport is going through a major change due to globalization and technology. Sport evolutions have a strong impact on both stakeholders’ strategy and organization. The MSc in Sports Industry Management is a program aiming at helping students addressing such transformations globally, learning from and looking for how to bring the most relevant answers. Students are coming here from all over the world. This year’s intake is of 80 students, from 23 different nationalities.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the very heart of our program: on early October, students are immersed “boot-camp-way” into the depths of transformation issues, with major stakeholders, sport goods manufacturers, renowned international sports club, but also with young growing companies. We want to redefine the rules of the game all the time, and as such, students are expected to travel, meet and actually engage with reference stakeholders. Thus, we will be in England at the end of November, firstly with Nielsen’s Executive Management, but also with Havas Sport & Entertainment, the Arsenal Football Club and others.

This MSc in may be seen as a laboratory where students are fully immersed into a multi-actor ecosystem in order to co-construct as a whole, tomorrow’s wide world of sports.”

MSc in, Grandes Ecoles Conference certified

Minimum required to enter is any 4 year Bachelor’s degree

18 months, including 4 to 6 months in internship

Includes learning trips to London, in the French Alps, and in Munich.